Gloria Sainero Tirado

She finished her Degree in Psychology at the University of Malaga in 2018 and completed her Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology in 2020. Her Master’s Thesis discussed about the association between post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain, taking into account the role played in this association by the psychological variables experiential avoidance, distress tolerance and catastrophism. She was beneficiary of a research initiation grant during the 2019-2020 academic year and collaborated within the research line “Post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain as comorbid entities: analysis of transdiagnostic factors”. She’s currently a beneficiary of the aid for pre-doctoral contracts for the training of PhDs of the Andalusian Knowledge System assigned to the Project “Predictive variables of prescription opioid abuse in patients with chronic non-oncologic pain: Development of a risk detection scale.” (PREDOC-00023).