2020 – 2024


Predictive variables of prescription opioid abuse in patients with chronic non-oncologic pain: Development of a risk detection scale (PID2019-106086RB-I00)

Funding Agency:

Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación e Universidades

Chief researchers:

Carmen Ramírez Maestre
Alicia E. López-Martínez


The aim of this project is to provide medical professionals with an instrument to detect the risk of opioid abuse in patients with chronic non-oncologic pain. To this end, two studies will be conducted, each with a different primary objective. The objective of the first study will be to evaluate a theoretical model of opioid drug abuse that includes the key variables that have been identified in previous research as predictors of adherence to appropriate opioid treatment use in patients with chronic non-oncologic pain who are receiving opioids. The primary objective of the second study is to design and evaluate the validity of a brief instrument that will include those aspects demonstrated to be most relevant in predicting the abuse of prescription opioids in the first study. The instrument will be designed for rapid and easy administration to facilitate its use in health centers. Accurate and early detection and classification of patients who are at greatest risk of opioid abuse will allow alternative medications to be considered, and will also help to determine the level of monitoring that will be needed based on the risk group to which the patient has been classified, should the physician decide that treatment with opioids is indicated.

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